Friday, April 17, 2009

Yeshua Was Not a Capitalist

In the last few weeks I've been absolutely boggled by the number of Christians complaining about the Obama tax plan. I understand the rich whining about having to pay more taxes, but the largest percentage of the people bitching in this astroturf roots campaign are either not affected by the tax plan, or helped by it. And really, do these so-called Christians even know their own myths? Does "render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's" sound familiar to any of them? Does the fact that it was basically Yeshua telling people that they should pay their taxes even register?

Apparently not.

I recently listened to an evangelical broadcast saying that Christians support this so they have more money because Christians with more money are more effective witnesses. I must have done a triple take. Soooo... becoming wealthy is an absolute plus in the religion subscribing to the guy who said (paraphrased) "Give up all your worldly riches and follow me." And he meant it literally.

You can argue ephemerally that it is your God given right to be a capitalist, or to do as you like. According to you, God gave you free will, and the option to do as you like. That said, don't pretend that God told you that you should become wealthy and serve him, or that God favors Capitalism. This is a relic of the cold war mentality, and completely without merit In your own scriptures.

If anything, Yeshua was a socialist.


  1. If anything, Yeshua was a socialist. Absolutely!

    But differences between Socialism and Stalinism are too subtle to fit into their black and white worldview

  2. Yeshua and the first churches started by Paul. they would literally give up everything they owned to the church and stay at the church. Everyone would share. That sure does sound like capitalism to me.

    Oh I was told the other day that Wal-Mart was socialist in nature. I about fell over laughing. I just responded by saying oh shit they are giving things away for free now, I have to hurry and get over there.

  3. Anna: Most Uhmericans need a much better education on various 'isms.' Fascism, socialism, and capitalism being the three most needed to be understood.

    Beam: Who the hell would call walmart socialist? If anything its a weird blend of populism and capitalism.

  4. So you can see why I almost literally fell over. This was a person that went to a Tea Party. Like you said they need lots of education on 'isms.'

  5. I can certainly see why you'd be boggled by that one. The amount of stupid I've observed lately is just so discouraging.