Friday, May 7, 2010

Absurdities in Genesis: Resurrection!

So, I'm trying to get back into the habit of updating again, so I think I'll start with some easy stuff.

This comic suffers from what I call desperate relevance, which is a problem that in my experience seems to be plagueing the Christian community, particularly those with the inerrantist view. Just look at them trying to conflate things like expiration dates with the mythical fruit in the garden. Sure, you may say they're jut trying to be cute or funny, but this isn't even clever. It is simply desperate. They have nothing relevant to say, so they slap a meaningless picture trying to make a joke, which barely gets a chuckle if that. Hell, even the Kid in the picture looks like he's rolling his eyes.

So, lo and behold it took me two seconds to come up with what I think is much funnier:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mr Mabus Vs the telemarketers

Random, I know. For context see discussion here

The Death of telemarketers at hand!

Telemarketers don't even believe in *SALES*!!
Lacking completely *ANY GROUNDING* in economic theory!

The Premium package is a Lie!

This package has nothing wanted *BY CONSUMERS* simply being an upsell item boosting REVENUE without actually givng anything!

Saleseople, see the folly of the SHAKY GROUND you stand on. The *ECONOMY* of your method of business could come CRASHING DOWN at any moment...TODAY!

If I were as ugly as *JOHN MEYNARD KEYNES* I'd believe in active fiscal policy too.

The CONFLICT BETWEEN KEYNSIANISM AND MONETARISM destroys the very ethos of the telemarketing!