Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mr Mabus Vs the telemarketers

Random, I know. For context see discussion here

The Death of telemarketers at hand!

Telemarketers don't even believe in *SALES*!!
Lacking completely *ANY GROUNDING* in economic theory!

The Premium package is a Lie!

This package has nothing wanted *BY CONSUMERS* simply being an upsell item boosting REVENUE without actually givng anything!

Saleseople, see the folly of the SHAKY GROUND you stand on. The *ECONOMY* of your method of business could come CRASHING DOWN at any moment...TODAY!

If I were as ugly as *JOHN MEYNARD KEYNES* I'd believe in active fiscal policy too.

The CONFLICT BETWEEN KEYNSIANISM AND MONETARISM destroys the very ethos of the telemarketing!


  1. EC, are you trolling for comments from DM?

  2. No, I was just amused by it, and thought i'd put it over here. Kinda bored at work today actually. If DM posts its instant trash bin for him.

  3. PS: Though if i actually thought getting Dm to troll me would keep him off of more active blogs I'd probably do it on purpose.

  4. He trolls my blog, I am kind of proud of that.