Friday, May 7, 2010

Absurdities in Genesis: Resurrection!

So, I'm trying to get back into the habit of updating again, so I think I'll start with some easy stuff.

This comic suffers from what I call desperate relevance, which is a problem that in my experience seems to be plagueing the Christian community, particularly those with the inerrantist view. Just look at them trying to conflate things like expiration dates with the mythical fruit in the garden. Sure, you may say they're jut trying to be cute or funny, but this isn't even clever. It is simply desperate. They have nothing relevant to say, so they slap a meaningless picture trying to make a joke, which barely gets a chuckle if that. Hell, even the Kid in the picture looks like he's rolling his eyes.

So, lo and behold it took me two seconds to come up with what I think is much funnier:


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  3. Good post

    Yes, I know what you mean about pathetic attempts at relevancy. Sometimes Christian's worst enemy is themselves - here in the UK the speads a great deal of time, effort and cash on promoting the relevance of Christianity (in a country were church is attendance is around 7%). Alas rather than using cringe-worthy cartoons, it uses age old prejudices and syllogisms to further its cause. Ironically only distancing Christianity even more from the lives of sane, rational people!!

    Regards and thanks again for this:


  4. Its just a lack of actual appeal in the religion itself to the youth.It offers them nothing except restricted enoyment of life, constant guilt, and impossible standards that make no sense. Who actually wants that?