Monday, April 27, 2009

Absurdities in Genesis: Close But Not Quite

This one kinda hurts my head, but more because its so close to having a semblance of truth to it, then it just fails miserably. Sadly it demonstrates an absolute zero understanding of what argument from incredulity is. The pictured "evolutionist," were he anything but a poor caricature would point out that given enough time and possibilities the potential for our evolution becomes far less improbable, and becomes much more about how we evolved, not about the probability of whether we evolved.

Of course, that's why argument from incredulity is a fallacy. If i roll a 1 billion sided die, every result has a 1 in a billion chance, but when I roll a 426,325,201 I just beat 1 in a billion odds of rolling that. If we know something happened against probabiliy we want to know how. We already know whether it happened or not.

As an aside, their artist has a really weird obsession with those lame ass fish that people put on their cars. I mean just in the last month we've had the one above, as well as this one, and just this year so far there's those plus this, this, this, this, and this. I mean really they do about one a week, and almost half of them for the year feature those stupid things.


  1. Something about the Darwin Fish has really set the fundys off recently. I don't know why, it's hardly new.

    There was a discussion on the Rapture Ready message boards of the Darwin Fish being "hate speech" and a poster talked about wanting to throw something at a car with one on it in order to pick a fight.

    Nobody seemed to think that would have been bad behavior.

  2. I love how Christians get so uptight about their graven images.

  3. PF: Isn't cognitive dissonance wonderful? If we use a Darwin fish, its hate speech, but they steal the scarlet letter idea and its totally cool use of someone else's idea.

    Ryk: Of course, not like they'd recognize the very hypocrisy of their idolatry.