Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Poll Completed!

Ok. So, now its over... and with  50% of the votes you have all condemned me to reading Ray Comfort's God Doesn't Believe in Atheists as my punishment for running an Atheist focused blog. 

Anyone who has anything in particular they'd like covered or focused on in the review I will certainly consider any suggestion. I will also be putting up a new poll probably next week regarding the Pharyngulation of the garbage book. 

Just for the record, if I decide to do a poll for my next review Ray Comfort will not be an option. 


  1. All I can say is you brought it on yourself.

    By the way, have you seen this thread?

  2. I had not seen that thread. I'd enter, but I like your entry much better than mine would be.

    As for bringing it on myself... well, yeah, but I don't think that'll stop me from making melodramatic suffering a part of my schtick this go around.

  3. Ah, the persecution complex. A true staple of anything involving Christianity.

    Not going to enter? Not even to make fun of all the tools who like their ice cream but love Ray Comfort even more? If I win, you'll be sooorrryyy....

  4. Oh, I entered, if rather sarcastically. I'm actually curious if anyone will take me seriously and try to evangelize me though.

  5. Excellent. There are some interesting characters at her blog.

  6. Frodo, who's your favourite fundie over at the Fishing Hole?


    Your review of GinG has been really entertaining, so I look forward to you giving the same eternally critical treatment to Comfort too; just try not to chew your own tongue off in the process, ok?

  7. The Thing about ginG is that I really like Hitchens. I enjoy listening to him speak, and I share similar views with him. I'm sadly disappointed by alot of the book as its too scattershot. It needs more focus to make a really strong point. It gives the impression that Hitchens wanted to make a point in only mere few hundred pages that would probably take thousands and be nigh unpublishable.

    Its a good book, but I was hoping it would be a great book, which it sadly isn't. I think if he'd scaled the scope back to more manageable and focused it would have been though.

  8. And I have added commemorative scripture to my side-bar.

  9. ExPat,

    HeathP has been surprisingly easy to talk to. I'm really enjoying the thousands of people poking their heads up trying to win that damn Comfort book though. I tried to start a little discussion with Brazen Hussy's yesterday by responding to his misconceptions about homosexuality with a terse bit of baiting. Haven't checked on the results yet.


  10. PS - EC, just read your 'scripture' on your sidebar. High-larious!