Friday, April 3, 2009

Absurdities in Genesis Redux

You too can take your family on a creationist vacation!

"Deuteronomy 6:7 tells us we are to talk about God's Word everywhere we go. Vacations should be no exception. Opportunities to see and explore God's amazing creation abound, whether at a national park, a Christian-themed venue, or a natural history museum. Places with secular propaganda can easily be turned into learning opportunities, as we learn to separate truth from error. With some preparation, you and your family can enjoy a purpose-filled vacation as you gain a better appreciation for the Creator who made all things."

But let us look into this even deeper. I know we -all- want to obnoxiously chatter about Gawd all the time. Because who doesn't want to hear about the Word!? Well, according to Answers in Genesis(see map and list), apparently only people not living in two out of seven continents! You mean there's no creationist sites anywhere outside of the North America, Britain, an two locations off those continents? You can't even get a creationist friendly site in the middle east. This has to be the only group of fundy loonies that doesn't try and sell people on trips to Israel.

But here's the really fucked up part. Most of these sites are great sites. For rationalists and scientific minded people. La Brea tar pits for example are pretty amazing. But could you go anywhere that shows the age of this world more? Perhaps the Grand Canyon. But seriously, these guys never cease to amaze me with what they pull out of their collective asses.


  1. Here's a question I would like to ask a creationist- supposedly something like the Grand Canyon was cause by the Flood(tm) or the receding Floodwaters(tm). So, why don't we see a dozen Grand Canyons being formed every time it floods?

    What about the wide variety of species on this planet? Supposedly they all developed after the Flood in some sort of explosion of hypermicroevolution- why doesn't that happen today? Why am I not seeing a new breed of dog every day?

  2. This logic thing you're using is dangerous.

  3. No, no. You see, the scientists have lied to you, telling you the Grand Canyon was caused by years and years of erosion. They've lied to you by saying a wide variety of species takes a long time to evolve. It's all a conspiracy involving all the scientists of the world. You see they trick you with all kinds of experiments that show you it took so long for these things to happen. It's a hoax, they fixed the results of their tests in order for you to not believe that God is the creator and everything happened as it was said in the bible. You can't let all the scientists fool you.

    You believe me don't you?

  4. Those dastardly scientists! Clearly they're ALL in on a conspiracy specifically to target God!

  5. PF said, "Why am I not seeing a new breed of dog every day?"

    Every day? How about speciation occurring 2.5 times in every litter. DonExodus2 has a video about it on his YouTube account.