Friday, June 19, 2009

Personal Health

At the beginning of this year I finally committed myself to getting healthier. I was, and am still significantly overweight, but since January I've actually managed to drop from about 289 lbs to 263. I realize this is completely unrelated to my blog's subject matter, but I'm actually rather proud of this fact, since meeting my first goal would be getting down to 260.


  1. Congrats. Losing weight is a lifestyle change and that is very hard to do. Of course the principles of losing weight are easy, take in less calories than you use everyday, the accomplishing of this is hard.

    I take it you are doing this through exercise and changes in eating habits. Of course avoid all the fad diets, as the ones that do work only work while you are on them. Lifestyle change is the key. I have started exercising more myself in an attempt to lose weight.

  2. Mostly exercise, and simply eating better. Of course. Thankfully I don't pay attention to diet fads, and simply am eating less convenient food.

  3. Congratulations! I've watched the hubby's struggles with weight for over a decade, and it's hard work to lose weight.

  4. Congrats man, I'm one of those annoying people who can't change their weight no matter what I do.

    Seriously, I recently moved to N. America and, despite the massive portions and frequent fast-food binges, I haven't gained a pound (I haven't gained or lost more than 5 pounds since I was 15!).

    The pay-back is that my dad hit 40 and, after 4 decades of a metabolism very similar to mine, his body just cracked - it'll hit me eventually but, until that day, give me pizza!

  5. Congrats! Last year I was quite overweight, and I've managed to drop some weight, too. Keep, on, sometimes it is not easy, but it is really rewarding. :)

    BTW, congrats too for this blog... I'm one of that annoying readers that always read all entries, but never leave a comment :S

  6. Well, i hope you come again! I apologize for the dead air, but life gets in the way.