Thursday, June 25, 2009

Absurdities in Genesis: Don't Look, Your Irony Meter Will Explode

You're not serious... really? I mean wtf people? That's right, once again its the vast scientific conspiracy where there's a virtual consensus of nearly 100% of all the people who know what they're talking about that fossils can be dated. No, creationists have it right, and are NEVER twisting the facts or ignoring information to make their idiotic holy book right, despite all the contrary evidence.

I really will never understand how they think the idea of a massive global conspiracy of scientists is supposed to work. I mean, a large percentage of these scientific conspirators are Christian. How do you reconcile that? Oh, wait. That's right, the no true Sc... errr, no true Christain argument, that's right.

But really, what's the point? Once, again, After Eden is never funny, and never really informative except as a reference on the insanity of the fundies.


  1. Notice they also have no idea what the Theory of Evolution states. "The other day I was evolving when..." Again people don't evolve populations do. In a way, I am more evolved than my parents, but I am not evolving, nor are they. IF I have children they will be more evolved than me, but they are not evolving. Really 5 minutes of research would correct this strawman, but that would mean actually learning what the other side says and thus possibly falling to "Satan". Keep that fear following to keep the money coming.

  2. Keep that fear flowing to keep the money coming.

    Not following.

  3. Ah that's right, it's all about 'interpretation' these days, isn't it? We need to put on our Biblical glasses and blah blah blah...

    You could do the same cartoon with a Creationist with his hand up the Bible.