Monday, June 8, 2009

Absurdities In Genesis: Stupidity at its Finest

Alright... I think its no secret that I hate AiG's After Eden comic series, but this one in particularly im oddly amused by, but not the reason they want me to be. The main reason is the skin coloring on these characters, because they look grey, almost decaying corpse-like. And the second is the look on that guy's face like the banal crap the woman in the comic is spouting is somehow not only interesting, but shocking.

But really, the absolute best thing about this is it reminds us all that Christianity's greatest enemy is not atheism, but Christianity. All these denominations and silly doctrines and dogmas, and they all contradict each other on the basis of things like literalism, catholicism, protestantism, faith/works bs etc. The fact that the Christian comunity will never be organized as a single unit and is in fact undermining itself through group infighting on these issues as well as trying to steal members from each other only leads to disillusionment and apathy to the church as an organization.

It's no secret that this pleases me. Sure, education and understanding of philosophy and science contribute greatly to the growth of atheism and agnosticism, but I think we can give a good share of the credit to the Christian churches themselves as well.


  1. I love the young earth creationist types. The old earthers say things that I have to denonstrate are wrong. The YE types make it easy by saying things that are wrong on the surface, saving me plenty of effort. It is always nice when the opposition steps up and announces "I am stupid and crazy, ignore me."

  2. Not only that, but they're proud of it. It's like a badge of honour!

    I remember one guy on Christian Forums (and I think it made the FSTDT top 100) called AVET16...somethingorother, he used to say stuff like;

    "If the Bible and reality don't comport; reality can take a hike."

    There was another one called 'dad' and he used to come up with the most outrageous hand-waving to disregard evidence that the guys there called him 'dad hoc'!

  3. My problem with after Eden is that it is never funny. There is no joke, it is just masturbation.

    As a christian I wouldn't find it funny.

  4. That's actually a really good way of putting it. It's not funny, its just preaching to the choir using pictures.

    Christurbation anyone?