Friday, March 27, 2009

Ray Comfort and the Straw-Man Version of Evolution

Please note that I have already replied to this here, but really... how thick can you be Ray?

"You march ahead unchanged, repeating the same falsehoods. I'm not talking about reasonable differences in interpretation, I'm talking about outright misinformation (such as the bizarre idea that male and female have to evolve separately for each species . . . " Euphimist

It’s difficult not to be repetitive with accusations such as the above. But here goes. There are an estimated 1.4 million species on the earth. Each species has both male and female (not counting worms and a few others). Let’s believe that each species did evolve. Let's then zero in on the giraffe. After the big bang, there was a pre-giraffe animal. Millions (perhaps billions) of years pass until today, and now we have a male and female giraffe. Evolutionists believe that the two didn’t evolve separately. Such a thought is "bizarre."

I know that you think I am intellectually slow, so please be patient with me and explain to me in very simple terms where you believe the female giraffe came from, and then explain how and why the other 1.4 million species ended up with both male and female.

I look forward to your comments.

I believe this level of density is sufficient explanation as to why I don't bother posting on Ray's blog myself.


  1. Jesus, his voodoo logic is embarrassing.

  2. Seriously. No matter how many times this is explained to him he can't wrap his head around the gradual process and continually mnakes assertions on the idea that the first members of a given species popped out of nowhere.

    The scary part is how popular he is.

  3. For the last time, Ray, women are not a separate species from men. The only differences are on the last pair of chromosomes, and that difference is an extra little leg on mine.

    That's it.

    Honestly, you'd think we were discussing interbreeding giraffes and blowfish!

    (Oh, and the fact that sexual reproduction is so popular on this planet is a testament to a common ancestor, not proof of the skydaddy. Asshat.)

  4. The fundie respondents on his blog are eating it up as usual. Can you figure out why anyone posts there in good "faith" anymore?

  5. I mentioned it on Ray's blog once, but he's Leonard from Memento.

    Lastly, "Ray Comfot"? Wasn't he in the cantina band in Star Wars?

  6. Its amazing that people can be so willfully ignorant, but he does not quit with his poor arguments no matter how many times refuted. Just one reason I can't stand the man...

    As for the typo... lets just hit a few buttons here =P