Friday, March 6, 2009

A fair question

I've been asked more than once why I hate religion, and in particular hate christianity. Usually this is asked by people I'm in debate or discussion with, and often just implied, not actually asked.

The actual answer is: I don't hate religion; I hate fundamentalist religion, and unreasoned religion.

Now, fundamentalist religion is an obivous target for Atheists and freethinkers simply because they often take irrational faith as a virtue, and are usually the most stringent defenders of their dogmas to the point of insanity. Biblical literalists, for example, drive me up the damned wall when the only evidence they use for their claims are from their book that they say is true because -it- says its true. Fundamentalists also tend towards an exclusivity that is harmful to societies by creating division. When only you can be right, everyone else has to be wrong. Evolutionary theory is an example of a constant pet prey for Young Earth lovers who willfully make themselves ignorant to the evidence against them. Fundamentalist Islam is also terrifying and, sadly, despite everything the lay members try and do to clean up their image, violent and oppressive.

And this extends to any conversion centered exclusive, "one true religion." Be it Islam, Christianity, Mormons, or whoever. It doesn't matter. I've never felt threatened or insluted by Jews, or Pagans (of any type), or Buddhists, or Hindus. Of course none of them feels the need to tell me I'm going to Hell because I'm not following the tenets of a God who has little to no evidence of existence.

People are, and should be free to practice what they like, but when they take it into the public sphere its fair game. If that means you get called out on biblical inconsistencies and get laughed at for quoting bible verses thinking they're going to convince someone who believes the bible is mythology, so be it.

So, no. I don't hate religion. But I really wouldn't be sad if it went away.


  1. Can I just copy that verbatim and paste it every time someone asks me why I hate religion?

    My husband and I had this debate last night. Remarkable considering that he has watched me support his sister in her decision to become Catholic for the last 6 months. (Having been raised Catholic, I am able to explain some of the more obscure habits/practices/traditions of the Catholic Church.)

    I've never tried to defaith anyone, but I'm sure not letting a bunch of Ray Comforts dictate reproductive rights, science education and public debate.

    Sorry, apparently I really needed this post.

  2. By all means, use it as you please. I only ask for credit via a link or other appropriate method. I'm always looking for more readers since this blog is so new.