Friday, May 8, 2009

Amusingly Sad

So, back in the very beginning of this blog I made a post regarding a particularly idiotic creationist moron. Apparently the genius that he is, Sye decided to make a covert post on there 2 months after I originally posted it. I don't check the archives for random comments terribly often, though every once in a while I find something. My nihilism discussion pulled in a troll that I never even noticed until this morning, and that was only a day after the post had slipped beyond my usual viewing.

But really, why would anyone bother posting 2 months later? I could easily have gone months without noticing that even peripherally. Frankly, Sye isn't really worth my time, but I replied anyway. I'm sure he'll be back.


  1. Because Sye is a douche that is trying to look like he won by posting when he thinks you won't respond.

  2. Yeah, somebody did that to me once.

    much eyerolling ensued.

  3. Sye most certainly is a douche. Honestly, he can "declare victory" all he likes, but I'll be happy, and he'll still be a tool.