Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ray Comfort offers payment of $20,000 begging Dawkins to humiliate him

So, denialist and creationist cretin Ray Comfort has decided that with the release of his newest screed You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can't Make Him Think, he wants to embarrass himself yet further. He has offered $10,000 (recently upped to $20,000) to debate Richard Dawkins, notable expert on evolution and Author of his own polemic, The God Delusion.

For those unaware, Dawkins has had a standing policy that he will not debate creationists simply based on the fact that their real interest is in gaining a platform, and some measure of respect outside of their own circle by being given debates with real scientists. Ray, in this case has no chance of doing anything but embarrassing himself, and his bff Kirk Cameron. Now, of course, Dawkins is going to reject the offer, right? Wrong. Well. Sort of wrong. Dawkins' demands are pretty far out there, but so is giving creationists a legitimate platform.

So, who knows how this could turn out. I do know that if it does happen I want a copy of the DVD. Yes, for the lulz.

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